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Legal Issues For Over 15 Years!

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Innovative Solutions For Your Legal Issues For Over 15 Years!

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Angela Evans Law, PC

A Custom Approach To Divorce And Family Law

At Angela Evans Law, PC, I do not operate a cookie-cutter practice. As a court-approved mediator and experienced litigator, I take a unique approach to resolving the legal issues facing my clients in Peoria, Illinois and surrounding communities. I approach every case as the unique situation it is, prepared to use all the tools and resources at my disposal to protect their interests in cases involving family law, mediation, general litigation and personal injury.

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My Background

I grew up in a small town in L.A. (that is, lower Alabama). I attended a very small primary school with 17 others who are all like brothers and sisters to me. Without movie theatres, a mall, or other big city entertainment within any short distance, we played ball, rode four wheelers, hunted, water-skied, fished, and worked.

I attended Auburn University and obtained a double major in English and Political Science. I will sing the Auburn Fight Song to anyone who will listen. My favorite part of The Auburn Creed states “I believe in honesty and truthfulness, without which I cannot win the respect and confidence of my fellow men.” Lawyers seek the truth so justice can be done.

I have often pondered why I decided to be a lawyer, and at the end of the day it can be said quite simply: I became a lawyer because I don’t like bullies. I tend to like to stand up for the little guy or the person who can’t find their voice. I believe that brave men and women who came long before us fought honest-to-God battles so we can have the justice system and freedoms and rights that are the cornerstone of all laws. I like to believe my dedication to the practice of law honors those soldiers, philosophers, writers, and idealists.

My Journey Into Law

I went to law school at Samford University, Cumberland School of Law, in Birmingham, AL, much to my family’s delight that I didn’t have to go to Bama for law school. It is one of the nation’s oldest law schools, established in 1847. Cumberland has for decades had a strong focus on trial advocacy. Today it ranks in the top ten law schools in the nation for trial advocacy training. Cumberland has advertised the catch phrase of “where good people become exceptional lawyers” ever since I have known about the school. It is true that you leave the school believing that your practice must serve a good purpose. I don’t know how they do it, but it is all around you for three years and then it never leaves you.

I considered myself to have been truly blessed by being surrounded by the attorneys that were present in the Shelby County and Jefferson County District Attorneys Offices where I clerked and began my legal career as a prosecutor. I would love to name each true superstar and truly well-intentioned bright advocate I learned from but seriously it would take my entire website to describe them all. I’ll write a book one day and everyone will think it is fiction when I describe the talent. The pace of trying jury trial after jury trial, and constantly being on your toes, is something I miss greatly.

Family Law: My True Calling

When I came to Illinois, I was welcomed at the great law firm of Westervelt, Johnson, Nicoll & Keller, where yet again, I found myself amongst not just fine lawyers, but good people. I began to learn civil law where previously I had only practiced in criminal courtrooms. Before too long I ventured out on my own to delve into what I have found to be my true calling and purpose, family law. I still love practicing in other areas of the law, but in my opinion, nothing can be more important than helping families restructure and move forward with stability.

Providing A Return On Your Investment

The decision to pursue or defend against litigation is a business decision and I want your legal fees to be a good investment. To facilitate this, I employ innovative processes and efficiency-focused legal technology to achieve cost-effective legal solutions. My results-driven approach allows me to focus on my clients’ priorities.

Most people feel like they hand their lawyers a blank check, but I empower my clients to understand they ultimately decide what issues we raise and what approach we take to their litigation. I just give options and advice on what I think is best, but so long as I am not asked to do anything immoral or illegal, I allow the client to determine the course (and the expense).

Customer Service That Provides True Peace Of Mind

If I were to hire an attorney, I would ask myself: who do I want to talk to, who do I trust, who can help lessen the burden of what I am about to go through with the stress and financial toll of this litigation. That is what I keep in mind when I try to deliver customer service to my clients. End results matter, but the path you take to get there can’t be ignored either.

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