Innovative Solutions For Your
Legal Issues For Over 15 Years!

Photo of Angela Evans

Innovative Solutions For Your Legal Issues For Over 15 Years!

Photo of Angela Evans

Why Choose Angela Evans Law, PC?

Angela handles your case. Her paralegals and support team assist. You will talk with Angela most of the time. While paralegals and support staff may be used to gather information and help schedule matters, your substantive discussions about your legal matter will be with Angela.

We stay busy and have a lot of work, but we don’t handle near the volume of many other law firms.

Angela believes in transparency with her clients. You will see all the written communications to and from opposing counsel. You can opt out of this if you like (some clients say they get too many emails) but until you say otherwise, you see what we see. When she tells you what was discussed in your case or what happened at hearing you perhaps could not attend, you will hear all the details, not just select portions. You are kept in the loop of exactly what is going on in your case every step of the way. Many clients even have Angela’s cell phone. She just asks no one ever consider her a first responder and respect that she tries to separate work from family life during non-business hours.

We provide transparency in our billing. Biweekly and detailed billing provides you more control over your litigation budget. With detailed invoices, you can analyze how much the issues you are raising is costing, and better decide if you want to continue investing in that issue or action. Detailed billing entries also allows you to frequently check in on what has been accomplished and if something you wanted done was not already brought to your attention via email and is not on the billing, you can reach out and ask about it. We keep timers going and bill in six-minute increments. The aim of detailed and frequent billing is to help you feel more in control of the cost of litigation. Without the information, you can’t ask questions or communicate your budgetary needs for your litigation team.

Angela truly believes that her representation of her client requires her to always send the message and strategy to opposing counsel and the Court that has been agreed upon between her and her clients. At all times, whether the client is in the room or not, she strives to convey the same message, same goals, same perspectives that her client wants conveyed. Angela views herself as an informed messenger. Sure, she helps you see the case from all perspectives and not just an emotional and entrenched view that the Parties inevitably obtain, but once an objective or message is identified and agreed upon between you and Angela, she sticks to it.

Angela helps you carefully contemplate your decisions. She tries to help you think long term. Before you make important decisions, you will understand how the Judge is likely to view your case if you went to trial and even how the opposing party likely views the issues at hand. While we love helping our former clients when they need it, the goal is to help you obtain court orders that endure and help you avoid future conflict. Therefore, Angela forces you to think not just short term and in the emotional moment of things, but long term before you make final important decisions.

Angela understands the legal process, but also knows that we all answer to God ultimately. Without imposing her own faith on others, you can rest assured that Angela has contemplated your situation and the decisions you will make in litigation from a spiritual perspective. She quotes the law, not scripture, when discussing your legal matters, but she always finds a concise way to mention what she may see as an intangible benefit or risk that you may want to consider when deciding what course to take.

We stand up for everyone no matter their situation. Our practice is not just high-asset divorces. We handle a wide array of cases and truly enjoy working with people from all walks of life. Sure, in some situations we must be more efficient than others, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t make sure everyone’s rights are respected and that everyone has a fair shot at what they are legally entitled to obtain.

In divorce cases especially, we listen. Some clients haven’t found their voices yet or are scared to use them. Some don’t know exactly what they want yet, but they can tell you what is bothering them. By listening, we discern what is truly important to our clients. It may not be what is conventionally important to most clients, but if it is important to you, we will address it.

We don’t let our clients get pushed around, but we also aren’t trying to push others around others. We do our best to resolve conflict peacefully but if we must be assertive to make sure our people’s rights are respected in the process, we can do that.

The Experience We Hope Angela Evans Law Clients’ Feel….

You are not alone. You may be facing the most traumatic, lonely, and heart wrenching experience of your life, but you should not be left alone with your questions. We aim to be your helper. We can demystify the legal process, so you can focus on the healing of yourself and your family. If I were to choose an attorney, I would choose the attorney I wanted to walk with through the process, the attorney I was comfortable with and could trust. No attorney can promise you an outcome, but I can promise you that the Angela Evans Law team will give 110% to every person we call our client.