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Innovative Solutions For Your Legal Issues For Over 15 Years!

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Answering Your Family Law And Divorce Questions

Going through a divorce or facing difficult family law issues brings many questions. At my firm, Angela Evans Law, PC, I have the answers you are looking for. As a mediator and experienced litigator, I am ready to use every available tool to find a solution that works for you and your children.

Do I Have To Go To Court For My Divorce?

Not necessarily. If your ex and you agree on everything, you can have an attorney draft your divorce agreement and then seek approval from a judge. This avoids the costs of resolving a contested divorce in court. Another option is working with a third-party mediator to resolve disagreements you have before finalizing your divorce.

Is Mediation An Option For Child Custody, Property Allocation, Child Support, Maintenance And Other Aspects Of My Family Law Case?

Yes. Not only is mediation an option, it is also required in divorce cases involving children. Instead of waiting to be ordered to mediate, finding an amicable solution using mediation from the start helps parents maintain a civil relationship and spares children the emotional turmoil that often comes with a litigated divorce. Why not meet with a mediator serving as a neutral third party to help you, your spouse or co-parent determine if you can reach an agreement before investing in litigation.

What Are The Benefits Of Mediation?

Mediation is an informal process where you and the other party can relax while discussing solutions. You can’t do that in litigation. Mediation is quick. Litigation can take months, even years to get a decision from the trial judge, and that decision could then be appealed. Mediation also reduces the costs of all involved. This includes not only the financial costs, which can skyrocket when you go to court, but also the emotional costs of fighting over every single issue in your divorce. Going through a divorce is hard enough without adding cost, exhausting delay, and complexity to it. Working with a mediator can protect your bottom line and get you moving toward a brighter future.

How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

Every divorce is different. However, an uncontested divorce will typically be less costly than a litigated divorce, and resolving issues through mediation is more cost-effective than going to court.

How Long Will My Divorce Take?

That is totally up to you and your spouse. Each contested issue adds to your divorce’s timeline. Every case is unique, but contested and litigated cases take significantly longer than uncontested or mediated cases. You can pretty much get a divorce as fast as an attorney can type it, if nothing is contested. If you plan to litigate a lot of issues, be very careful about the lawyer you pick and plan to be talking to that lawyer often for a very long time.

Do You Have More Questions?

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