Innovative Solutions For Your
Legal Issues For Over 15 Years!

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Innovative Solutions For Your Legal Issues For Over 15 Years!

Photo of Angela Evans

Creative Solutions For Your Legal Disputes

Disagreements are a part of life. Going into the red to resolve them does not have to be part of yours.

At Angela Evans Law, PC, in Peoria, I provide an alternative to litigation for my clients in Illinois. I am a mediator who can act as a neutral third party to resolve legal disputes in an amicable way without the financial costs and emotional strife that often accompanies going to court.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

Litigation is expensive and should only be used as a last resort when negotiating in good faith is no longer an option. Many important disputes need to be resolved but simply do not involve large enough sums of money to justify the financial cost of going to court. I help parties find solutions that allow them to resolve issues and move on with as little emotional and financial harm as possible. This includes resolving disputes between:

  • Landlords and tenants
  • Neighbors
  • Businesses
  • Consumers and businesses

Mediation can resolve small claims cases (matters where there is a not a lot of money at issue but there is still a conflict that needs to be resolved). It provides a way to resolve these disputes even more efficiently without the filing fees and other court costs that come with going to small claims court in Illinois. I focus on helping both parties get to the core of the underlying issue, so they can understand each other’s needs and find a solution that works for all involved.

Take Your First Step Today

Mediation provides a chance at an amicable solution before resorting to litigation. Call 309-839-9539 today to schedule a consultation with me. I look forward to answering your questions and helping you find out if mediation is right for your situation.