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Innovative Solutions For Your Legal Issues For Over 15 Years!

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Scheduling Mediation

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Firm News

Scheduling mediation is simple. Simply call the office and tell us you want to mediate your legal issue. You will be asked for your contact information and our team will do an initial review of the Parties’ names to check for conflicts of interest.

You do not need a court order for mediation. All you must do is decide you want to mediate and call.

We cannot obtain a lot of information from you when scheduling mediation to ensure neutrality is maintained. You will be asked the following however:

  • Do either of the Parties currently have an attorney retained?
  • Very succinctly, what are the issues you want to mediate? Ex. Property allocation in divorce, parenting time, child support, breach of contract.
  • Is there any history of physical violence between the Parties?

You will then work with our team member to identify two or three possible 2–3-hour blocks of time in which you can mediate either in person or via zoom. Once the dates and times are selected, all you must do is let the other party know to call us also to discuss scheduling.

When both Parties have coordinated the selected date and time for mediation, you both will receive a letter explaining the process and requesting information unique to your situation. The mediation will last as long as the Parties are making progress and as schedules allow, but most people are exhausted after two hours. Subsequent mediation times can be scheduled to continue working things out, so long as the Parties are willing to continue to make good faith efforts to resolve their conflict.